heidelMr. Heidel Grade 6


First,Make a oval for the head
Second,Make a squiggly Body and the hands need to be deformed looking
Third, Make some squiggly lines for the hair coming right out of the base of his head only have Nine hairs.
Fourth, Ok but Five lines of stitches on each stitch line only have seven stitches.
Fifth, Ok I forgot Put (two oval eyes) Right above the left eye put a red dote with a red line down to the mouth The mouth needs to be an long oval with red sharp teeth inside
Sixth, Put three stitches on the face and put one stitch line that consists of Nine stitches across the waist line and one stitch right before the Left hand.
Seventh, Put a larger red dote in the middle of the chest stitches and a red line running down to almost the top of the bottom stitch on both red dotes put squiggly Black lines five for the middle dote and four for the head dote just right next to the dots.
Eighth, Put an oval Eye with a stem coming out just before the waist the put two stems coming out of each side of the head and put a ear on the end of each ear.

Enjoy !!!


First draw the head, Carl has a big round head. He has a small blurry eye and a big normal eye his eyes are red on the outside and blue inside. He has blue sideburns and a strait yellow mouth. He has light green buck teeth. He has three black small horns on top of his head colored in with red . My monster also has two light blue horns under the three others. Tip( the two horns are clear ). Than he has a square green body and two pointed arms that are blue at the bottom of the page. Tip ( he has no legs ).

One Eye

To make One Eye. First you go to the paint brush and select purple and make. A circler with a blake circler inside of the circler. With a blue ring around the blake circler. Then make a line down the bottom of the purple circler. Then make yellow lines on the top of purple circler. After the yellow lines then make two purple horns. Then on the side of the purple circler draw two box arms.

Darth Boda

First you start with the head and ears. The head is a light green, red, black, and tan. You start out by drawing a circle with two eyes (the right or left one bigger) and bat ears. The head is light green with a red dot in the middle of the head. The nose and mouth are black (any shape) then the bat ears are tan with black outlining. Then we come to the body. It’s tan, red, and dark brown. You put a robe on him the middle and not the edges but around them are the dark brown. The outside is tan. Then you have a red dot in the middle. Then we go to the arms. They are both different. (The right or left has a crab claw the other has a red darksaber.) The arms are green the hand holding the darksaber is green. The darksaber itself is grey on the handle and red on the blade. That’s how you make Darth Boda.


Fred Has a bubbly pink head just like a pig . He has black eyebrows Black glasses and a small black smile.He has red eyes.He has yellow hair kinda like a sun stinking out every which way.He’s body’s is big green and bubbly he has lots of green bubbles as a body.He has a cape. A red bubbly cape. He has a swirly G sign on he’s body.

Granny Bacon

First make a sky blue square for the head. Then make her hair she, has gray hair it is stiff looking, strait but stiff. Make the neck, the neck is almost yellow but kind of goldish. Her right arm it is black. The right side of her chest is the same gray as her hair. The other halve is a pinkish color. Her left arm is green with a star tattoo. Her left leg is a super light green. Her right leg is gold. Thats how you build Granny Bacon.


He has a black outline on the left he has 2 arms he’s skinny on his right arm he has 1 arm. Big black eye and one antenna, purple short hair on leg on each side and a big red nose kinda rectangular but no sharp edges. He’s almost a spring green color really light. He’s also looking to the right. His eye is right in the middle. Thats my Monster. Can you Create it?


First, to draw the Hypno-Chick you start with the BODY. The body is this blue. The body is a circle with purple stars and little lines that look like sprinkles. Next, you’ll want to draw the head. It’s purple also. It has eyes that look like swirls. They are blue also. (tip: If it says to do the body first then the head it probably means they are OVERLAPPING) to draw the feet you’ll need to make them have two toes that are purple, legs are blue.(They are just little) For the beak you should add two triangles, overlapping, the top one a little to the right than the other.
You’ll want to add a tongue. It will be red. Next add a small line on the tongue. This will be pink. Right before the last step you have to add a tail. It’s just two lines of purple triangles. Finally, on top of her head, you have to add some leaves for a hat.


First you make a half circle that is black. Second you make 8 big black lines.
2 on top 6 on the bottom. Then make wide and long skinny ears then color them red.
Then you make 2 big black dots for the eyes. Then make a line for the mouth.
then color light blue around the monster. Thats how you make it!


To draw my monster you need to start with a black circle do not color it in. Then put two circle’s near the top of the head and use red for the pupil’s. Then for the mouth it’s going to be like a jack o’ lantern’s mouth but more with a curve. Around the sides the left side is close together and has no teeth the teeth are in the middle of the mouth. The hair is the same color as the head and the mouth one strand goes around the head like a helmet and has a. Loop right next to the head and a snake coming out of him with razor sharp teeth and one eye. On the right then he has a blue rectangular neck with a purple body. (not colored in just like the rest of the body) His left side has a small and pointy hand with 7 fingers and on the right. A tentacle arm (no suckers) and another. Snake coming out on the left side on his shoulder with an eye and razor teeth and. My monster has a mouth on it’s stomach next. Your going to make its legs green they are connected to the bottom left and bottom right corners of the torso and. One is really flimsy and looks like a ducks foot the second foot on the. Right is sorta flimsy but it has a thick bump on its upper leg and has no toes but has a tiny stream of green goo sticking out of it and thats how you draw my monster.


So first get the color yellow draw a kind a small circle for the head but not to small like the size of a little bouncy ball. Then the yellow and make twice the size as your first circle for the body. After that take an the color orange and make a v shape pointing out for the mouth. Then sharp teeth with the color black. Next with the black put a dot for the eye the size of a power button on the apple computer. Then make the wings make half of a circle then inside of the half circle make dots. For the legs so get the color black then draw a line.For the toes make three very little lines but not all the way so it goes all the way down to the page so leave a little space. This is the last one so take the black and draw its claws. The toe that is closer to the head make that one more wider and longer the middle one make it skinny but not to skinny and the one closest to the bottom of the paper make that one smaller and more skinny same on the last one do the same to the other leg.


First you get a large pentagon shape for the head it will be blue. Then you will get red coloring for the eyes make the eyes red pentagon shape to just smaller. For the noes get a circle shape it will be red. Now to do the mouth get the brush and draw it with red color also. Next for the body draw a line from the middle of the head it will be green. Now you will use the brush for the rest of the picture. Use the brush to draw a green rectangle body facing up and down. Then make to small legs at the bottom of the picture. And to arms at the top of the painting. The you will be done.


It’s blue on the body and the face. At the top of the head there’s a flower pot with three flowers. A big red mouth with teeth and gray line through them.Long feet with red toenails on every toe. Long arms with red fingernails on every finger arms raising up. Red eyes and a very long body. Also a big head. And he has long ears.


How to draw the ZOMBIE you go to shapes a select the circle. To make the eyes you select the hipnotize
things. Then you make a X on his face. Then get the hipnotize things again and put alot of them together .
Then make 7 marks on his face. Put a big red dot in between his eyes for a gun shot. Then other side for the reds marks everywhere choose the thing that says dashes it is in the magic section.



First use the big circle make a head shape don’t add the ears yet. Then use the medium circle and make it white for the eyes. Then choose the small circle make it black for pupils. Second use the square to make a body don’t add any limb’s till you read that you can okay. Now make the square yellow for the ears don’t add the red part yet either. Third use the faded oval for the tube then get medium circle turn it yellow to make the mouth over the tube. Fourth use a big circle make sure the circle is yellow then make the arms. Then change it to black and make the legs. Fifth use a red parallelogram for the ears. Then brown one for eye brows. Use the sicks and get the one thats pointing right and down. Put it on the end of the right arm on the right side of the hand use three. Then two on the other hand on the right side of the hand. Then get sticks that are pointing left down put two on right hand left side. Then put three on left and left side.