Lewis Mrs. Lewis's Paragraphs


Have you ever met a monster that is pink, round, and named Pheebo? And you probably would not guess there is one. But think again. Pheebo does exist and is a light pink monster. She looks a little like a two layer snowman or a wide number eight. Pheebo has two pink arms and three purple fingers at the end of each of them. Then she has two purple feet, and they look like boots but don’t forget Pheebo doesn’t have any legs! Pheebo also has a big orange hole in her stomach. Pheebo also has a orange antenna with a purple dot at the end. Finally Pheebo has two black dots for eyes, an orange ball for a nose, and a purple smile. Pheebo is only complete with a smile.
My Monster Turtle

My Monster Turtle

Have you ever seen a monster named turtle. He looks like a turtle except he has a shell that flips up and down. The turtle’s body is orange. But only his eyes are black. plus the tops of his shell are orange an he’s a carnivore . a man eating carnivore but you can’t see his legs or his mouth all you can see is his eyes body and shell he has three penguins on his body and their red and black. That’s how to draw my monster.


Have you ever seen a creature with out arm’s? If you have it probobly was a ziguroo. A ziguroo is a short and stubby creature. It is all light gray and shaped like a shield. It only has one eye . It is as red as a cherry and about the size of a grape. It has one piece of hair and it is all curly and sqiggly . On his body he has white stripes with red zigzags . His mouth is opened really wide like as wide as a clementime .

TV Town

My monsters name is T.V. Town. He lives in the wilderness. He is a mammal. He has a square body. The legs go out slanted from the bottom of the square. He has square eye boles and square nose and a rectangle mouth. He eats flowers in order for his hair to grow. He has spiky hair. He love to jump around all the towns. Tv town is jumping in the picture. Tv town is friendly,nice intelligent. Tv town has 200 brothers including him. Tv town’s mom is 50 year old. Tv town is 5 years old. Tv town has 20 sisters in all. Tv town main color in the back ground is is blue. I named I'm Tv town because he look like a Tv and he is sitting in a town called oopyville witch is a big town. The animal i I'm talking about is called a spill that is the animal like were people. In their town it alway rains a lot so much that why it’s called oopyville. But when it rains they grow. His dad is 100 years old. In the picture he is in his quite time place. He likes to go away sometimes because he gets mad and in the picture he looks kinda sad if you can see.
In oopyville the sky is pink not blue the have grass like we do in kansas. Tv town extraordinary because all the other animal he lives with in oppyville are green not blue. So they make fun of him so much that he goes to his quite time a lot. So he can breath nobody nows were his secret place is but his best friend Tvdude. Tv town is light blue and dark blue. He loves eating crows when they fly in oppyville. So he love to swings he swings on a soft type thing that is a circle. He does not swim in oppyville. They have rainbow that made out candy. They celebrate candy mandy. In oppyville is a town in a state called Candvillalonyn. Tv town loves to do gymnastics and he loves to tumble around the place like at the school called Gobb Elmentey school he has a lot of slimy friends and so they slime his house all up then they have to was a mower to clean his house. To write they use a tread. they loves to have pillow fight. He lives in a boot. That all about TV TOWN. So this bye bye


Have you ever met a monster with a name like Shankopotomus? DIDNT THINK SO! She has unusual squiggly lines on her stomach, its kind of like different shades of pink! She has grass-like arms and blue squidward legs!! Her ears are red arrows because when she is mad...she SHOOTS arrows out of her ears!! She also has purple “kissy” lips that almost cover her whole face! She has a big, black, circle-like stomach. She even has big yellow eyes like the sun! She loves her blue hair because they are blue strands of snakes like Medoza’s hair but prettier! She has an unusual head because it is shaped like a t.v screen with red and pink outlines!!! She is one awesome monster!
Thats my monster, Shankopotomus!!!!!!!!!


My monster, Pingpong, is a normal monster. He’s super scary and has a beak with razor sharp teeth the size of a shark’s. He has black square eyes the size of a dime that stare deep into your soul. He’s blue on the bottom half of his body. On the other half he’s maroon and red from all the fights he’s been in. He has three big strong legs with feet that have spikes in them to help him climb mountains. A small tail an inch long helps him throw stuff at enemies. If you ever see him you better run!

The Drooper

Have you ever seen a monster with drooping wings? I have. He is called The Drooper. The outside of his body is red and shaped like an elipse . One of his arms droop, and both of his wings droop. He only has four legs and four arms combined. He flies all over so he lives where he lands lands at night. He only has one eye, and it’s red like the outside of his body. The inside of his body is grey like on a rainy day. Also his teeth are cherry red and very sharp. His arms and legs are all black. He is not very scary. If you ever see him you’ll know it’s him, but you won’t be scared....unless you have fear problems!


Bot is an in normal monster as a matter of fact he isn’t even scary. My monsters name is Bot he has two legs with wheels no hands and a heart beat monitor as a head his eyes are red and very very evil his nose is about as big as a average nose. His body is made of a TV box with no screen and speakers. Bot is very slow and weak thats why his muscles are very small. He is very small and venerable. Bot is is about the size of a small man and as heavy as a refrigerator. He walks on the streets at night and dresses up for halloween to scare people.


Gertrud is a very weird looking monster ! His body Is like a giant rainbow boot, so color full and bright. But his eye’s are different. A small x of mean like the ghost of Christmas. His head is like a sideways Christmas tree and full of color, but with antennas. His drop’s of goo will stick you to the ground if your not care full! Gertrud’s hands are like dinosaurs, small but powerful. His arms are not very big, but strong. His tiny three fingered hand is perfect to catch his pray. His legs are long but stick like. Bird-like feet make it easy to run wild in the city. Gertrude's tail is long and spiky. If it hits you, your his next meal! Look out for Gertrud the next time your in the city!


Have you seen a monster named Bongo? Well I have. My monster Bongo is a very unique monster, what makes him unique is his colors which are blue, green, purple, yellow, pink, orange, and white. Bongo is a big blob and he isn’t scary unless you make him mad. Bongo has two red eyes that are circles and a beak that’s a triangle. Bongo has a white face and a multi-color body, and looks like a peacock. Bongo is a awesome monster but don’t make him mad or your not gonna think he is awesome anymore.

Bumble Bee

Have you ever met a monster named bumble Bee?Well you have now. Bumble Bee comes in peace, he just came down to earth for some nectar. Bumble Bee is 1/2 yellow and 1/2 black. Bumble Bee only has one eye which allows him to see in the dark and in the light so, if you try to blind him it won’t work. He is nothing like a real bee. If you tried to kill him it would not work because he has fast reflexes. If you tried to look for him you would not be able to find him because he would sneak up behind you, and when you turned around he would be standing right in front of you!! You would be so scared you would faint. Bumble Bee is about 3 inches tall .Bumble Bee can’t fly though he tries to he just falls on his face.


Have you ever seen a six inch, six tentacled, four legged death machine? That’s Flail, he’s dark purple all over, with glowing red eyes. He has an emerald-colored evil smile and stomach. His six purple tentacles have steel flails on the ends. On each side he has three tentacles with one big flail and two small ones. The tips of his two purple antennas are red hot due the electricity they are conducting. Flail also has red hot dots where electricity is conducted in his stomach. Last but not least he has four purple thorn-covered legs to keep away people he doesn’t like. But if you try to get close to him, very, very hard, he just might eat you.


My monster Rainbow is a very unique monster. Her body is shaped like a diamond. Her body color is rainbow. Inside her body is her mouth. It’s open with no teeth and a red tongue at the bottom. She has very big eyes. The right eye is a little bigger thn than left eye. Her arms are bright pink and look like forks with three fingers. Her legs are pink, but her feet are rainbow and look like bird feet. Do you think you can draw me now?


Nike is a monster but he has no scariness to him or in his personality. He has a blue nike sign for a mouth with dark purple lines about a inch long for eyes. He has spiky red hair with a red ribbon like head about the size of a small apple. His legs and arms are like wavy ocean waves. His legs are yellow wavy lines and no feet. His arms are purple wavy lines with yellow nike signs for hands. Half his shirt is outlined in dark purple. The rest is red outline from his ribbon like head. His shirt is number 33. Nike eats only junk food. That’s all about the non scary monster, Nike.

Chub Chub

Have you ever seen a monster named Chub Chub well I have and I will describe it for you. Well here it go’s he has long purple hair one eye and yellow buck teeth. For his body he has suspenders and a bellybutton. His arms are red hooks three on each side. His legs are like tree stumps there are 4 of them. His body is skin color. His suspenders are gray for the straps and black for his buckles. Also his legs are skin color. His body is white and there is a tan out line.

Nine Man Monster

My Nine Man Monster has 43 green swirl's that are in the shape of a nine. My monster has nine purple swirls on his left arm and the arm is pointing upward. He has six purple swirls on the other arm that is also pointing upward. Nine Man has purple star fish shaped hands. He has two purple triangle teeth located on the bottom of the nine. Nine Man has two blue circles for eyes and one pink nose. He walks with his hands. He loves to eat veggies and drink from the pond. He lives deep in the jungle and spends his day hanging from the trees. He also enjoys swimming and hanging out with his friends. He is a one of a kind monster.


Have you ever seen a monster that blood comes out of its eyes and mouth. its body is black and its eyes are red. he is 8 inches tall he may be adding his arm and tail it is 6 inches long. He eats people only if it is under attack. It has two black legs and a black tail it is as strong as a lion and a bear put together. It lives in the prairie and Africa. It has crab like pinchers so it can kill things easy. It predator is a humans because people are scared of them so they tried to kill them. There fur is really warm and it is really long so it is good there are two living in the wild right now. They eat Buffalo and Elephants so if you see one do not try to kill it you will died. The blood monster was born from a experiment go wrong they were trying to git a weapon to fight in the war and it got free so there made more and if they hit you with there claws it has poison on them so it will kill you in leas than 25 minutes so and there in no way to stop it.


My monster Swirley is not a normal scary monster, in fact she is quite cute. She has one light purple eye the size of a penny with a black dot in the middle of her eye. Swirley’s head is not normal, instead of being round her head is more like a pentagon looking shape. Her arms aren’t normal either, they look like octopus legs except they’re arms and there are only four of them. Swirley’s arms are very flexible, she can bend them all the way around her body. She has antennas but they are sort of hidden because they are so small. It is the same way with her legs they are hidden at the bottom of her body. She has a body that looks like a Rainbow swirling around her body thats how she got the name Swirley. During the day Swirley is not very scary at all but don’t let that fool you cause at night she becomes scarier then any other monster on the planet.


My animal’s name is Fuzzy. He is a octagon. He has 8 rainbow arms. He eats pizza,french fries and chicken. He lives in the pacific ocean in a big hole. His octagon is red his out line is blue. His smile is green and his tough is yellow with purple dots on it. He has one purple eye and one blue eye.


Most monsters are scary, but my monster Zappy isn’t. His body is a dark gray round ball that floats in the air and it is about two inches in diameter. He has two eyes that are white, with small, black pupils inside of them. They are slightly above the middle of his body, and they’re about a centimeter apart. His mouth is black but he never opens it, he just smiles and frowns. Its in between his bottom and his middle and is one inch long. Since he floats in the air, he doesn’t need legs because instead, he has four arms. They are all identical, being light gray and are almost one inch long. They branch out at the end, making a shape resembling a T and are about two times as thick as his mouth. He has them on his upper left, lower left, lower right, and upper right. The reason his name is Zappy is because he discharges electricity through his arms. If you happen to stumble into him, don’t frighten him or you’ll be in for a shocking surprise!


My monster Bob is a very different creature. If you saw him, you would not understand what it could be. He has orange legs that look like a chicken’s. He has two circular eyes. The eye on the right is about the size of a pea and the eye on the left is about the size of a marble. His eyes are yellow with red in the center. He has no mouth or nose at all. His head is grass green and is an oval shape. He has three squiggly, brown hairs on his head. He has two big black wings he uses to fly from one place to another. His body is an oval, just a bit bigger than his head, and it is grass green just like his head. In the center of his body, there is a smaller oval that is yellow green. My monster is very unique and crazy too, but that’s what makes him cool.

My Monster Leafy

My monster’s name is Leafy. She has round, black eyes, but only one is visible because she is turned to the side. She has a black mouth and she is slightly smiling. Her mane is made up of light and dark green leaves, and that is how she got her name. My monster’s body and tail is hot pink. Her body is like the shape of a stretched out letter “S”. She has black hands, but you can only see one because of the way she is turned. Her hand has only three fingers. She has two small, black feet. Leafy’s feet are ellipse-shaped. The tip of her tail is made up of light and dark green leaves. Leafy’s mane and tail is like the tip of a tree. Leafy is a very unique monster.


My monster has two yellow triangles for eyes . It also has two thick red triangles for its body. They are staked, one is up side down under the other one. They both have white triangles in side them.On the bottom white triangle it has a blue spike rim. My monster has two green arms that stick upward. He has two green legs that stick straight down. Near the right arm there is a green dot above the arm.

Mr. Nature

Have you ever seen a monster that is completely made out of nature ? Well than you haven’t met Mr. Nature. Mr. Nature has grass growing on his back and grass instantly begins to grow on whatever he touches. For a tail he has vines and for hair...... he has a mohawk of dirt. He looks like a stallion and has 9 flowers growing on his back. He always has a humongous smile on. He has all the colors of the rainbow on him. He loves to play with all creatures big and small. His favorite thing to do is ........ HELP!!!!