dunningMrs. Dunning's paragraph


Hello my name is Bob and I very have spacial features and this is about them, enjoy. I have two tongs that may look like volcanoes they are as big as one. Sorry I guess I forgot to tell you about my hight I am about as big as seven and a half volcanoes long. I have four fangs my face and two on my two on my body. They are good for when my other regular teeth can’t cut through things like soiled rock. I also have elephant feet good for stomping on stuff that gets in my way. I also have a tail it helps me swim when ever I go through a river or lake or something that has to do with water that I can walk across. And if any thing like a predator try to get in my way and attack me my tail sucks the predator up with it’s mouth, that is also connected to my tail. I also have an eye in the middle of my body. If there is any rock i can’t crush with my teeth I use my middle eye to laser it in half. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you about my eye being a laser beam. I am about seven and a half volcanoes. And I almost forgot to tell you about my four eyes. There are four eyes,two eyes go behind my head, the one on the very left and right. They go my head just incase if any predators try to sneak up behind me and attack, so two faces, also connected to my main face comes out and and slice the predator. The place where my hair is should be are mouths, sort of like Medusas head but the only difference is that Medusas head is made of moving heads and my faces just lay flat. My mouths come in handy, when there is a huge ocean I got to get to the other side of my mouths breath in air. Just because I can swim good doesn't mean I can breath under water. I can hold my breath to about ninety-four to ninety-five minutes. But that dose not mean I can hold it forever.

So thats about it except for my spicks and where I live. Okay my spicks pop out to scare away predators. Because believe it or not I am not the biggest monster around. You might be thanking what bigger monster is there, well I am not talking about your planet, Earth. No I am talking about my world, Enith in sector 11 in galaxy. Oh and one more detail If I was in your planet I would be known as a swimming rhinoceros.
Well that is about it.

Brick Man

My monster looks harmless but he’s really deadly his name is Brick Man. He is connected to bricks. He is 10 feet tall and has a square body. If you wanted to build him you would have to get some bricks and then you need the right color of bricks when you have those you would have to start putting the bricks together. You will have to make sure that the bricks are the right size otherwise you would mess up and you would make him the wrong way. Also you have to make sure that the colors are right. Some bricks are red some brown some redish brown some light brown all different browns and reds. Then you have match up the bricks and make sure the right sizes are where they are supposed to be and you have to measure the bricks and make sure that they are the same size. He does not have any hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, fingers, feet, or toes. He doesn’t have any eyes but he can sense when things are by him. He has muscular arms and legs and he is hard to build and if you mess up on building him you will have start all over on building him or he will be messed up. When he gets messed up he could malfunction or he could start throwing bricks at people or he will just explode and he will make bricks fly all over the place. So you will have to be careful when you build him because if your not a lot of bad things can happen. But if build him right you will have your own Brick Man.

Circular Rainbow of Doom

Meet the Circular Rainbow of Doom. He has square black eyes and yellow pupils. Inside his yellow pupils are small dark black circles, which is his laser vision. His head is just the size of a half dollar. He also has pink triangular ears right on top of his big round head. But his best feature is his spectacular circular rainbow body! The circles start off big and huge (but smaller than his head at least) but slowly his circles become smaller and smaller and more dull colors when you get to the end. Also he has an enormous big bushy brown mustache just below his dark square eyes. But he doesn’t have a mouth, instead his big mustache is his mouth. His arms are very, very, odd, but also special. They can shape shift into anyway to grab something. Such as a tree, but he’s to short to reach it, so he would make his arm stronger and longer. He gets that power from a long purple vain in both of his arms. How you draw his fingers may seem hard but their actually quite easy to draw. First you draw two long rectangles then simply draw some sort of spikes for his fingers. But he doesn’t have any legs His long colorful body also has a special power, it allows him to camouflage.
The doom part is if you get him mad. He’ll bounce around and go bonkers. Well that’s how you draw the Circular Rainbow of Doom.

Color Changing Puff Ball

By calling it the Color Changing Puff Ball you might think it it’s a rainbow kind of thing . The Color Changing Puff Ball uses it’s colors to change objects color that he does not like. His original color is blue. How we figured this out is when we found one it was red about to change a wall red and when the wall turned red the Puff Ball blue again . The Color Changing Puff ball is a blue circle in the middle of the circle is the wing which is a stretched u. An inch away to the top right of the wing is the eye. The eye is a small white circle and in the middle of the white circle is a smaller black circle . To make it’s beak draw two curvy triangles and in the middle of it put a black line in the . On its head going to it’s back is five yellow and five pink curvy horns. The last step is at the bottom of the blue circle draw an orange line at the end of the of that line draw two lines like the inside of a a peace sign. Watch out you never know when it’s coming.

Evil Pop Machine

Caution evil pop machine is on high alert. This unordinary pop machine is about as big as an half of a pop machine is. The pop machine has solid red wings that are about three feet long that is connected to each side of the monster. This monsters main color is a thick black. Sometimes when people go to get pop at night they never come back! No one knows what goes on but no one dares to check it out. The monster has a triangular shaped eyes that when you look them in the eye it hypnotizes you to stick your hand in its mouth or the drop spot when the pop can falls. But when you press the button to get a pop it comes alive and shakes then the monster falls back to sleep.

But if you stick a chocolate rich Hershey's bar in where you insert the dollar in the monster the monster won’t shake but it will give you two pops. Those zig zag lines on it’s head right above the monsters eyes and the side of his square head, that’s hair but the one on the center on top of the monsters head is a antenna to call all of the other pop machines, candy machines and chip machines and so on. And in this picture the monster is trapped by the police and that’s the only people the monster is scared of.

The monster has red bloodshot eyes and where you get the pop is the huge mouth. The mouth has teeth that is as sharp as a newly made knife. The pop machine can go up to 15 miles an hour so you wouldn’t want to be in the way of that quarter ton pop machine.

Fuzzy Head Fred

Don’t let they’re looks fool you! Fuzzy heads, believe it or not, are at the top of the food chain and one of the worst monsters to get left alone with!

Fuzzy heads are very rare monsters, but hundreds of sightings have been reported from North America.

I am going to tell you about the most famous Fuzzy Head, Fuzzy Head Fred!

First off, Fuzzy Head Fred has a gigantic, purple head that of course, is fuzzy and is about four inches tall. Fuzzy heads shed terribly and if you get the least bit of fuzz on you, you will develop a rash that will rapidly spread all over your body and you will die within a week or less.

That gigantic, purple head sits upon a one inch tall, turquoise blue body. Connected to the body are two, black legs that are each a centimeter long and two, black arms that also are a centimeter long each.

On his body he has a tiny, black bellybutton that’s about the size of the head of a pin that makes poisonous bubbles. You absolutely do NOT want to have a bubble touch you because in 24 hours or less you will die a very painful death.

For a face, Fuzzy Head Fred has a bright yellow eyebrow just below the very top of his head that is a one inch long arch. Right under the eyebrow he has a big, human-like eye, about the size of a quarter, that has a lime green center and night vision.

Almost connected to the bottom of the eye is a black, diamond shaped nose about the size of a pea. That tiny nose can sniff out the human scent from up to ten miles away!

Straight across from the nose to the left and right about half an inch are two large, violet-red, circular cheeks about the size of quarters. Inside the cheeks are turquoise rimmed stars that Fuzzy Head Fred will shoot at you if he feels threatened or attacked.

About a centimeter almost directly under the inside edge of the two cheeks is a large, oval shaped mouth that is about one inch tall and two inches wide and thin, white lips.

Inside of Fuzzy Head Fred’s mouth are VERY sharp teeth. He has three teeth on the top row and three teeth on the bottom. Each tooth is about a centimeter tall. Fuzzy Heads have teeth that are so sharp, they will rip through flesh and bone faster than you can say “ouch”! The inside of the mouth is a violet-red color.

This concludes what Fuzzy Head Fred looks like and how dangerous they really can be.


He is part gangster and part ninja. My monster is very dangerous. His eyes and head is made of a circle. He has a bandana over his mouth. If your wondering what a bandana is? It is a mask that covers your mouth. He is most wanted dead or alive. But be careful he can tell when someone is trying to hunt him down.

His hands are made of spikes. He has clothes like a robber. His bandana is under his eyes and above the most wanted dead or alive. His bandana has design that looks like a flame. His eyes are blue and the bandana is orange. The design on the bandana is dark red. His arms,spikes and neck are red.

First you go to tux paint. If you don’t have tux paint at home you go to home on the computer and go to the internet and type tux paint and you click the download button if you don’t have it. Second you can experience it. third you do that you go to the bottom of the page is the colors. After you pick a color you go to the side and there will be a button the say’s shapes click on that and on the other side is a circle. You may make it as big as you want. Then keep it on shapes and the circle and make a circle. That’s the eye. So the eye will be blue.

Then you go to the side that says shapes but click the button lines. So let’s move on to the neck. You may pick how thick you want the line to be. Then you may pick how short you But keep it on lines. You make it a few inches from one side of the neck and do it to the other side. After that you make arms. So you go at a angle a few inches on both sides. Then go straight down a few inches on both sides and make a circle. then keep lines and on the circle you make a line a few inches up on both sides and at a angle and you make five on each circle and from the you go up a few inches on each side. After that you go at an angle on both sides. Then you go down as many inches as you want.

After that go to the side and you will see the word text click on that and go to the middle of square on the page and type most wanted dead or alive and you may pick any color and how big you want it. Then go back to lines and go to the color black and make lines from the red to the other end of red. now stay on lines and go to the color orange and make a line above the mouth and go straight across. Then were you stop at you make two lines at an angle. Then let’s make then design on the bandana. So you go down to the bottom of the page and click the color red. After go to the side of the page and pick the paint brush. So let’s move on to the design on the bandana that’s red. So when you pick that go to the middle of the page where the bandana is and draw a red flame. Before you do that you might want to go to the side and pick the eraser and erase so of the orange bandana.


It’s name is glob monster. it can transform in to any shape or color. It can grow super high or go microscopic. It can be any shape and it is
invincible to anything, like a building falling on it he is as quiet as a mouse
and moves like a shadow silently as he passes by he smells like cinnamon


My Monster’s name is Medusa. She has a square head that happens to be deep sea ocean blue. She has a blue neck and a blue shoulder. Her hands are gray with three fingers on them. On her left hand she has three yellow talons. They are like really long and sharp claws. On her right hand she has three purple talons. She has more like robotic spider legs. Her back two legs are hairy. She has a purple shirt on it is weird because it goes up on her neck kind of. She has two white circles for eyes. She has a back line in the middle of her eyes they are drawn like a u or a v. In the middle of those she has a green dot.

She has six snakes on her head for hair. Four of them on the right of her head are green. The last snake on the right of her head is sticking his forked tongue out. there is two on the right. The one hanging off her head is green. The one next to it is red. Its creepy, its like one of them got born wrong.

She has a tan nose that goes from her right eye to her right side of her face. She has eight tan dots everywhere on her face. She has a crooked box mouth with a line that goes horizontally across the two lines that go up and down her mouth. She has eight legs in all. On her left side of her shirt she has a green snake with yellow eyes and a red forked tongue sticking out of its mouth. She has two spiders on her shirt there is one on the let hand side and one kind of in the middle, but on the right side of her with two circles on each spider. A little circle on top and a big circle on the bottom. She can turn people in to stone only if you look into her eyes. She can claw you in half with one slice. She can shoot poison out of her legs. Her snakes can bite you and kill you in one single bite. She lives in the sewer. Her favorite meal is snakes raw. She rarely eats meat because she is a vegetarian.

There is a monster lurking around, if you see one, hide your selves and your kids this, Emergency Broadcast will blow up in 5 4 3 2 1 beep


The name is mix between monster and mysterious!

This monster is cute, it’s scary, it’s Monsterious. I’m going to tell you how to make this wonderful and friendly monster.

First, you make a black square for her/his fuzzy body. With eclipses you make the fuzzy weak arms and legs. The arms and legs aren’t very long and are roughly the same size. Also, the arms and legs are sticking out of the body. But, the arms and legs are in the body quiet a bit, just little numbs are sticking out. The arms are located on the left and right, only one arm on each side. The legs are just like your legs.

While you still have black you need to make the ears they are on the top of her/his head. Both the ears are circles, one ear is one inch big and is half an inch in the head. The other ear is three forth small and is one forth in the head.

After that, draw two blue circles the left one is as big as a nickel and the other ear is roughly the size of a dime right under the two ears. When that is done make another circle but this one is purple and goes inside the blue eye, again one is smaller then the other but don’t make then the same size as the blue eyes, also the eyes are not in the same direction.

Then make an eclipse but this time use red, this is for the glossy red lips. The lips are kinda crooked and are below the eyes.

When all that is done you make the inside of the ears, the inside of the ears are pink circles. They do not go in the same direction either. To finish you make a pink line directly in the middle of the glossy red lips. Now you should be done with Monsterious. ENJOY YOUR FUNKY AND CREEPY CREATURE!!!!!!!!!
Does not do well with other animals or monsters. Will injure badly... or WORSE!!!!

Mr. Purple Dude

My monster’s name is Mr. Purple Dude. He is very dangerous! He is nine inches tall and three inches wide. He has a huge round purple head, with horn ears sticking out of both sides of his head, he has two antennas on top of his head to help him see and control him where he’s going and what he’s doing, because he can’t see, the antennas are his brain. He has two enormous fangs to help him chew, and a big square shape nose right in the middle of his head. Mr. Purple Dude has four arms and four legs. When he gets mad or angry he turns purple, that’s where he got his name Purple Dude. All of his body is different colors when he’s not mad except for his head and legs. His eyes are as blue as the sky, his ear horns are gray, his antennas and arms are green as grass, his mouth is ruby red with black fangs.

His stomach is all black with huge blue stripes down his stomach. The blue stripes shoot out lazars when he’s mad. Well that’s about what my furious monster looks like and does. I hope you enjoyed listening about Mr. Purple Dude!


My monsters name is Oozie (Ew-z). She has square blue eyes. Her pupils are small black squares. Her eyes are about one quarter from the top of her head. She has pink glasses that are rectangles and start and end right above each eye. She has no bones but is made out of neon green toxic waste. Oozie has four fat wavy tentacles like Ink off of Finding Nemo. Oozie has two big buck teeth and a bright red tongue. She is always smiling: D Oozie has a neon green wavy figure and is about two inches tall and three inches wide.

She cannot speak, but writes whatever she wants to say in her own language. I have both learned and perfected it. Oozie has a wavy figure and is about two inches tall and three inches wide. She has anger issues and bursts into flame whenever she gets Mad. Her whole mouth is gray, except her teeth which are bright white. I will finish by writing a sentence in Oozie’s language.

Gszmp hli ivzwrmt! (Thanks for reading!)

Penguin Vampire Ghost

My monster’s name is Penguin Vampire Ghost. It is a creepy monster. Only one-hundred-fifty Penguin Vampire Ghosts live in existence today. They were discovered in northern Antarctica.

If your wondering what it looks like this is where you’ll find it. The monster has a black circular head, with brown skin in the middle of the head where the eyes are, which look like mini golfballs, they almost look like eyebrows. Most of the Penguin Vampire Ghost’s body is black or white with some light yellow above his chest.

It’s beak is humungous with orange that looks like sunset covering most of it’s beak which is 2 inches wide. At the end of the beak there are four razor sharp teeth for tearing it’s food apart which are mouse ghosts.

At where it’s feet should be there is what looks like fingers going out of where the feet should be because it’s floating of the ground. It has a gray circular spot where it’s heart is. It’s long, fat flippers are black. What’s strange about the Penguin Vampire Ghost’s flippers is that it’s left flipper is larger than the one on the right.

So that’s all about the Penguin Vampire Ghost. Hope you enjoyed it, and remember if you see a Penguin Vampire Ghost don’t touch it or else it will scare you so bad you will have nightmares the rest of your life.

The Piglogrobot

This is the Piglogrobot and he is part pig,bat,vampire,giraffe and most importantly robot. The Piglogrobots head is a circle with a small circle as a nose and squares for eyes. His neck is a rectangle with the short ends erased. The Piglogrobots body is a square and in the square there is a whole bunch of buttons around the sides. His arms are two skinny rectangles long and his hands are five rectangles for fingers.

This is how you make the Piglogrobot first you take a circle about the size of a tennis ball at the top middle of the page. Then you take a line about an inch long and hook them to each side of the head going down. Then you take a square for its body. Now wait we are not done yet so pay attention. Next you take a line and draw it about a inch and a half long and then you draw another line about one inch long. Then you take another line about a inch long and attach it to the one and a half inch long. Then take another line about a half inch long and then you attach that to the inch long line and it colors are pink orange green and red oh yeah and yellow. oh and did I tell you that it lives in Australia.

Rainbow Cookie Man

My monster is named Rainbow Cookie Man. He looks really nice but if you make him angry, you don’t wanna know. His body is an giant circle that’s dark brown with rainbow chocolate chips in it. Two big eyes the size of a quarter that are tan color. The left pupil is green the right is purple.

Below his eyes in the middle is a nickel sized bright green nose. Below his left and right eyes at a angle are two half dollar chips. Left is lavender right is purple. Above his left eye is an orange chip the size of a penny. His mouth is an upside down trapezoid with tan lips.

He has four teeth showing left to right the colors are. Orange,green,yellow,and purple. To the right of his right eye is a penny sized light green chip. To the left and right of the mouth are two penny sized chips. Left is red right is blue below his mouth is another penny sized chip colored yellow. He has an top hat on made out of an oval and square connecting.

The hat is light tan with four chocolate chips on it colored brown smaller. The size is then a penny two of the chips are at the bottom left and right one on each side. The other two are at the top left and middle one on each side. His arms are long rectangles colored brown coming out of his left and right sides. His hands are tan the size of an half dollar. He has claws that are different colors.

They are small triangles left hand from left to right are. Green,yellow,blue,orange,and purple. The same on the right side but right to left with brown out lining on both. He has short stubby legs that are rectangles half the size of the arms that are brown. With tan shoes that are nickel sized circles. Left one has an orange dot right is lavender. He has huge rainbow colored wings with the bottom point hidden behind is body. The wings connect to his body from his shoulder to his legs.

The out line is green with rainbow colored scales and purple in between the colors. The colors are the same on both sides from top to bottom they are. Yellow,green,pink,green,blue,orange,light green,lavender,lavender,green,and yellow. Okay so now what he does. His chocolate spots are poisonous so don’t eat them. His top hat turns into a giant eight foot long sword that shines in the darkness.

He breathes fire out of his mouth, and shoots mini cookies. His eyes shoot out steaming hot chocolate. His fangs are razor blade sharp his wings make him fly. He weighs two tons and his nose is so dangerous! It shoots out...water yes the water is hazardous if it gets in a ocean it will spread everywhere. So yea you get the picture right? This is my monster Rainbow Cookie Man.

The Rainbow Pigisest!

My creatures name is The Rainbow Pigisest she may look cute but she is also very powerful. Her head is a circle with another circle in the middle of her face for the nose. For the rainbow pigisests ears I used triangles and then drew little lines with dots on top of the ears to make them look like antennas.
Her body is an ellipse colored in pink and half of the ellipse are stripes of many colors. The first stripe is yellow, the second stripe is purple, the third stripe is blue and the fourth stripe is red and the rest of the colorful half is green.
Now for the legs i used the line button which you are going to find I use a lot. I made sure the front leg was bigger than the back so it looks like they are farther away. For the hooves I just mad tiny triangles that kinda point out.
For my favorite part the details lets start with the wings I used the shape button and clicked on triangles and placed them on the back of The Rainbow Pigisest. Now for are final part and my most favorite part the tie. For the tie I just used the line button and drew a little triangle connected to a rhombus and to find the star to put on the tie is where you change your paint size and scroll down and you should find it. The very last thing that I am sure you would like to know is what location I used which is Tuxpaint. I hope you have fun drawing my strange but cool monster!
Red Man

My monsters name is Red Man. He has a square head at the top of the page that is light red. This monster is all light red. His body is a rectangle in the middle of the page. He has long, slim, uneven rectangular arms that are close to the head. At the bottom of the rectangular body his legs are two ellipses, one bigger than the other. His two eyes are circles that are white. Inside the white circles are black circles. His mouth is bellow his eyes and is a white ellipse. He has jagged teeth. His teeth are black triangles. There are six on the top and six on the bottom. He has no nose.

He has wings that have two triangles top and bottom on each side of him. On each point that points up there is a circle. But at the bottom it is on the point that points down. There is a line that connects the bottom and top of the wing. The circles on the wing are red. The wing is to but do not color inside of the wing. His rectangle arms are inside. But every thing else is colored in red, besides the eyes and the mouth.

Scare Bear

My monster’s name is Scare Bear. He may look cute now but during playtime he is a blood thirsty demon and sucks the life out of little kids. To make your own Scare Bear read these instructions.

First you get a two inch purple circle. Now add two little white circles inside the head near the middle. Then make two tiny black dots in the white circles. After add two violet outlines of circles to the top of the head then fill the purple outlines with a dark blue. Next add a lovely lavender oval in the middle of Scare Bear’s face. After that in the middle of the lavender oval put a bright yellow circle. Then put two pointy plain white triangles under the lavender oval. Now we are done with the head of your Scare Bear.

Since we are now done with the head he needs to have a body. Grab a pretty purple circle and make it 3 inches wide and place it right underneath the bear’s head. Next get a dark blue circle about 1 1/2 inches in the middle of the purple body. Get a purple oval and put it on the left side of the body. After do the same but on the right side of the Scare Bear’s body. Now we are going to do the legs grab another purple oval put below the body then grab another oval and put it on the other oval but horizontal, make another leg on the other side.

Finally for the finishing touches, draw a blood red heart near Scare Bear’s bottom. Next we give him a tail, add a tiny purple circle near the little blood red heart. After you add a delicate lavender flower in the blue circle. Now you have your very own Scare Bear just don’t have him next to you at playtime.

The Big Eyed Detective

There is a new detective in town. Her name is The Big Eyed Detective. Why she is such a great detective is because her enormous eyeballs are able to see every detail.

Her smooth skin is a pale lilac, soft and shiny. Her eyes are spheres the size of magnifying glasses, and are positioned in the middle of her oval face. They bug out like model globes on a flat table. They are outlined in deep blue and have maroon pupils centered in the middle of her eye whites. The right eye is noticeably larger than the left. Her smiling lips are rosy pink, revealing a set of teeth as white as freshly fallen snow. She has a short, rectangular, pearl white neck that attaches her hairless head to her body.

A tan trench coat wraps her human child sized body. The coat has two long rectangular arms, a diagonal line that represents were the coat wraps, and four large circular buttons going in a vertical line on the right side of her triangular coat. Emerging from the sleeves of her coat are a very peculiar set of hands. They look like bunches of sweet smelling, pale lilac colored, 5 petaled flowers!

Another quality that makes this heroic monster such an amazing detective are her feet. She doesn’t have any! That way, she doesn’t make foot prints. Instead of walking or standing, this extra terrestrial hovers over the scene of the crime.

So, if you have a mysterious case that can’t be solved by Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes, call The Big Eyed Detective, she’s sure not to miss a single microscopic detail!

The Big Eyed Spotted Frog

I’m going to show you how to draw the big eyed spotted frog go to the middle of the page and draw one big blue circle then draw a black circle in the middle of the big blue circle.

For his feet do a yellow oval shape and connect it to his big blue circle the color for his big and little circle is light green.

For his eyes have them connect it to the big blue circle and for his left eye do a small orange circle then color half of his eye purple then inside of his left eye do a half blue circle connecting to the purple then put a black dot in the middle of the half blue circle.

On the right eye draw a black circle connecting to the orange circle then color half of It’s eye dark green then do a half yellow circle connecting to the dark green then a black dot in the middle of the yellow half circle.

For his mouth go a inch down from the bottom of his eyes and draw a pink half oval in the black circle draw thirteen dots and the colors are 3 blues,2 dark purple’s,3 light purple’s,1 pink,1 yellow,3 orange now draw thirteen dots around the black circle and the colors are 2 dark purples, 2 reds and one 1 dark purple and in between the colors put 1 orange dot and there are 7 orange dots and the dots stop at the smile and that is how you draw the big eyed spotted frog.

The Fortune Teller Monster

My monster is about the size of a full grown chihuahua dog, it’s oval, green head is about the size of an orange. It has antennas that are purple diamonds with fortune telling potion inside. The antennas are a little uneven. The potion is white and looks kinda like little white worms! My monster’s name is The Fortune Teller Monster.

It has rectangular ears that are half pink and half orange. A lightning bolt- looking line separates the two colors. The Fortune Teller Monster has six arms, three on each side, with purple, round hands with an orange dot in the center of each. His eyes are lavender squares, about the size of a dime. His pupils are black. He also has a lavender, diamond nose also the size of a dime.

He’s very friendly unless he gets hungry! He will always have a smile on his face, but under that smile are two very pointy white teeth, where he will bite you like a vampire without blood! The Fortune Teller Monster has five triangles that are yellow, four small ones, each about the size of a kiwi in each corner of his purple body that is about the size of a decent sized chapter book. And one big one in the center of his body, the big one is about the size of a mango. Each one of those triangles has a mind reader that helps with the fortune telling process. It has an orange rectangle under it’s body that is a little bit longer than the body.

The Fortune Teller Monster has a yellow oval under the orange rectangle, a little bigger than the rectangle. Inside the oval is three blue wheels, inside these wheels is a black dot. These help the monster move. The last thing is his neck, made of two simple black lines that connect The Fortune Teller Monster’s head to his body, the two lines that make up the neck are each about a centimeter long.

My monster may appear freaky, but wait until you meet him. He’s just a monster wanting to read your fortune!

The slime

My monsters name is The Slime, there are only one of these blocky yellowed eyed creatures. The faces shows no emotions with its black lips at the bottom of its face, The lips look like one bar.

Its green body is a rectangle with a another rectangle in the middle of the first rectangle. The outer rectangle is a lighter green when the inner rectangle is a lighter green. The patter of the body is the same patter for the whole monster.

Although The Slime has no arms it can still pick up objects with its highly trained legs. its two rectangular legs are fairly short for its body, not that you could tell.

It can see far with its large oval eyes, big for its no nose face. The eyes are were a normal human would have its eyes about a centimeter above its mouth.

The Slime sort of looks froggy. For instances it has no ears but it can still hear. but it is also not like a frog because it is completely smooth and the frog has arms.

When it eats bars above and below its lips move because it can not control its lips in any other way. The sun shines of its bald head so it uses that to protect itself by shinning that in somethings eyes and runs away. The Slime cannot speak any language but it dose make noises with a bar on the right of its mouth. With out knees it walks on strait legs.

It walks on flat stumps because it has no feet or toes. The gel on the bottom of its feet is the thickest other then the gel on the right side of his torso because that is the side it sleeps on. The neck is made out of light gel that is the small for in between the legs and the body.

It is so small it can hide under leaves, it is only the size of a marker.

Red Man

My monsters name is Red Man. He has a square head at the top of the page that is light red. This monster is all light red. His body is a rectangle in the middle of the page. He has long, slim, uneven rectangular arms that are close to the head. At the bottom of the rectangular body his legs are two ellipses, one bigger than the other. His two eyes are circles that are white. Inside the white circles are black circles. His mouth is bellow his eyes and is a white ellipse. He has jagged teeth. His teeth are black triangles. There are six on the top and six on the bottom. He has no nose.

He has wings that have two triangles top and bottom on each side of him. On each point that points up there is a circle. But at the bottom it is on the point that points down. There is a line that connects the bottom and top of the wing. The circles on the wing are red. The wing is to but do not color inside of the wing. His rectangle arms are inside. But every thing else is colored in red, besides the eyes and the mouth.