JohnsonMrs. Johnson's paragraph


My monsters name is Radiohead. I named him that because he has a radio in his head. he like to listen to it when I’m not home. His favorite song is I’m a bee by the Black Eyed Pees. He is green, and red, with one blue line across his body,and black arms, legs ,and a black body. He has a square body, a rectangle head ,and his arms and legs are polygons. When he gets hungry he just eats one of the pop cans I leave laying around the house for him. When he gets tired he just folds his arm and his legs into his square chest. When he wakes up he goes out side and lays on the lawn and gets energy from the sun or any other light resource. When he gets done he flies up into space and gets me star crystals for my school project. he has green and red zig zags across. His body. his body is bigger than his head. Thats my monster.


Vampkin my monster is cool,nice and loves blood. His eyes are as yellow as the sun and there the size of a nickel. He has a head like a smooth pumpkin and he has very green hair. Vampkin’s arms are green and very muscular. His fangs are blood red and very long and pointy. He has a very skinny body but like I told you his arms are the only thing not skinny. Vampkin loves football and soccer he loves eating candy. He doesn’t go to school. He just hangs around the pumpkin patch until night. He does not have any friends but me he is the only one of his kind. But beware at night he goes around scarring and eating people.

Scary Man

My monster Scary Man is a very happy monster. He has green hair that looks like grass. He has one big eye right in the middle of his head. His head looks like a very deformed triangle, it has lumps and indents all over. His mouth is a black line, he is smiling. His neck is short,skinny,red, and outlined yellow. His body looks like a pepperoni pizza, with lots of pepperonis, and with a black outline. The colors of his body drip down. His legs and feet are a cluster of many rainbow colors. His legs and feet also drip like his body. Well thats my monster hope you like him.


My monster is not very scary. She is actually kind of cute. Her name is Sparky. Sparky’s head is like a dogs head. She has a bright pink nose like a peace of bubble gum. She is brown like a fudge pop. Sparkys eyes are blue like sapphires and are the size of a mouses eyes. Sparky ears are floppy, they are about one inch long. Sparky has purple wings the color of eggplant and they are about the size of a little glue stick. Her body is like a weaner dog. Sparky may not look very scary but don’t make her mad because when Sparky gets mad she is like a dragon.


My monsters is a special monster, he lives in another planet. His hair is green and looks like grass. He has only one eye and it is big and black. His head is a yellow triangle that is messed up. He has no teeth and no nose. His neck is made out of bricks and it is really fat. His arms are just pink squiggle lines that are skinny. He has a fat round body that is really big and green. You can tell he is from a different planet because he as no feet and every one on earth has feet.
p.s. but not fish because all fish do is swim.

Kevin Is a interesting monster ,he has a green head that looks like a horses. With an eye that looks like a slit , it has no pupil. His tongue is like a snakes tongue, it is also green. And two yellow fangs that are about 2 centimeters long at the front of his mouth. He also has a tan horn that’s about an inch long. At the top of his head is an orange diamond , a centimeter long. where his 2 inch neck is , is the same all the way down. his neck is green to. His body is an oval, about 3 inches long and 1 wide. It is also green. he has a green bump that is where his tail attaches. His tail has three feather shaped hairs that are 2 centimeters wide , with purple and brow out lining. His legs are 2 centimeters thick, and 1 and 1/2 inches long. His feet look like yellow oval rolls. I think Kevin is a very odd monster.


Flowers is a very unique monster. She is very scary sometimes. She is purple like the color of K-State. She has yellow lines in the middle of purple outlines. The shape of Flowers is she has three waves on top that are purple outlines with yellow lines in the middle the purple outlines and she has three waves on the bottom that are like the ones on the top. In the middle of the three waves is the eye that looks like a belt. The eye is white with a black circle and a blue pupil in the center. The eye looks like a sideways cylinder. Flowers has flowers on the end of her arms. Flowers has 2 legs coming out of the top three waves and 2 legs coming out of the bottom three waves. Just remember when you go out at night, don’t go out alone, Or Else....... The End


My monster Pointy is a green and red creature . He isn’t very scary , Pointy has red eyes and green body and a mad face (but he really isn’t mad).Pointy doesn’t have thumbs.......he has claws their the size of my fist . He also has has red flaming hair nobody touches it , his face is pale white!!!I don’t know why tho. So his hair stands out Pointy doesn’t have a neck, he also has a cross on his stomach its a weird looking birth mark it’s like a cross that has a short bottom to it. Pointy is about 5,1 and is 12 years old . He weighs about 90 pounds , during halloween Pointy goes around and pokes people just for a laugh. People always think he’s in a costume . Pointy was born July 13,1999 . Pointy goes to monstperity and is in the sixth grade. Beware at night he might come up behind and poke.

The Ripple Monster

The Ripple Monster is not really scary. He has serious eyes like an eagle. He has just two white fangs. He has a blue head a little bit bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball. He has an orange tail, and a red body. He has black out lining. He has ripples on his whole body except for his head. He has no nose. If you really look at him he’s not that scary.


Hi I am going to tell you what my monster looks like. First off I am going to tell you his name, is Jerry. My monster is a very weird monster as you will find out. I am going to tell you about his eyes they are green and alien like form, with blue eyes that are only a penny big . He has a box with a black outline body, with orange in side it that is three feet wide . He has green and purple polka dots on his stomach that look like chicken pox and they are very hard to see cause they are a dime small . His arms and legs are yellow and looks like duck feet and are very skinny . Finally I am going to tell you how he stays alive he stays alive, because when he moves he does not sleep or talk.


Have you ever seen a monster that looks like a spider? My monster, Dotty, is neon green, and her body is about 2 in. wide. Her head is turquoise like the sky. She has orange diamond shaped glasses, an orange nose, and a big orange smile on her face . Now her eyes are bright yellow like the sun. Her legs are blue and red. On one side Dotty has two red legs and one blue leg, and on the other side she has the opposite, two blue legs and one red leg. Dotty’s hair is about 1/4 in. wide, and it is dark purple with a light purple strip right in the middle. Her neon, green body has about 1/4 in. dots in dark blue, red, dark purple, bright yellow and turquoise, and there about 12 of then. Please beware. She can still bite.


Fluffy is a really weird monster. He seems to be a mish-mash of different things. His head looks like a pink clump of cotton candy. On the top of his head is one short pink hair. It is curled like a pig’s tail and is the same color of pink as his head. Then there are those big, sad eyes that take up about a third of Fluffy’s face. The large pupils shine like marbles. So far, Fluffy probably sounds like a cute little fuzzball with pretty eyes. But Fluffy gets weird. Fluffy’s body is about the size of his head and is made of pale green leaves and branches. Sticking out of his body are five legs. They are squiggly like a squid’s tentacles. Each leg is a different color: the first red, the next orange, the third green the fourth yellow, and the last is purple. Fluffy is a cute monster. Fluffy is a scary monster. Fluffy is a mish-mash of cotton candy, marble like eyes, a pig like curly hair, a leafy body, and colorful squid like legs. Yeah, Fluffy is a pretty weird monster. But Fluffy is my monster.


I have a monster named Leroy. Leroy has devil like ears and one eyeball. He does not have a body just a head. He moves around by telling a machine that holds his head what to do. His machine gets around on tank like wheels. His machine’s body is a red cylinder made of metal that has yellow lines on it and says his name “Leroy”. The wheels are purple and can crush anything underneath it. Leroy has a goldfish like bowl that covers his head. Now you can imagine what Leroy looks like.


My monster is named Rocky. Rocky is red like lava. He has a orange machine for a hand that can throw gigantic fireballs. Blue jewels around his hand and chest armor. His eyes are blue. He has big arms and legs. He can stand in lava with out death. When he goes to sleep he literally cools down.


My monster’s name is Bill. Bill is an animal containing weird body parts. Bill’s legs are probably the most interesting part about him, each leg is different.(Bill stands on all fours) the front leg is made up of fire and magma. The back one is made up of ice. The back leg also has four spikes made of ice. One spike is big, two are small, and one is medium sized. The left middle leg is made up of grass and flowers. The right middle leg is made up of every color in the world. The body his a big brown rectangle. Bill has four spikes on his back. The middle spike on his back is tall and skinny, the one on the right is short and fat, the left one is small and skinny. His tail made up of bubbles that goes high. Bill has an invisible neck. His head is purple with yellow lips. Bill has two eyes, one is green in the center is darker green, the other one is pink with dark green in the middle. Bill sounds like a horrible creature but is really nice. In fact I would like to have Bill has a pet.


My monster snakey looks nice. She’s like a happy little sweet first grader But she is a girl who is mean. She has a circle about the size of a quarter and head two little red dots about the size of an rain drop for her eyes, and four orange snakes (for her hair ) and the snakes tongues are sticking out. She has a big yellow dress. Her arms looks like small blue pixie sticks, and her legs look like blue bent pixie sticks. She has all shapes like a triangle (for her dress), and a circle (for her head). She also has all kinds of lines for her arms, legs, hair, and her mouth. She has four dots her two eyes, and her snakes eyes. But watch out her snakes bite.


My monster, Vampilisious is not someone you’d want to co across in a dark alley! With piercing red eyes,flowing midnight black curly hair, and teeth as sharp as daggers that still have part of her midnight snack still dripping from them. She also has a very good sense of style, with her black ripped jeans, her sapphire blue cape like shirt, and her blue army nee high boots . And if you tried wrestling with her you would be in the hospital faster then you could say “wow!” And as my monster would say “Vood Night !”Mwaa ha ha!!!!!!


If you hate spiders, you probably won’t be to fond of Arachnacreeper! Arachnacreeper is a tarantula that is 5 and a half inches by 2 and a half inches. He has two blood red, wickedly curved fangs that come from his bright green mouth. His head is dark green and circular, about the size of a half dollar coin. He has two black, triangular eyes with red, vertical lines down the center for pupils. On his forehead are six, tiny red stripes in a pyramid fashion. On top of his head are two black, bushy antennae. His body is a dark green oval, about three and a half inches long with a squiggly, black line down it with six red stripes coming out of it. In between each red line is a red dot. His eight legs are as bushy and black as a black cat’s tail and each about one inch long. He also has a black, triangular spinneret to make webs with. All in all, Arachnacreeper is a voracious predator you DON’T want to meet.

Plump Face

Have you ever seen a monster? Can the monster change its size when it wants to? Did the monster have a pumpkin for its head? I doubt it, but I have. I call my monster Plump face because of its plump pumpkin like head. Its entire body is orange, like a pumpkin without the dark orange stripes (his face dose have those lines though). Its body is skinny but his head is not. He has claws like magnets but has no arms. His feet have the same claws but with only one magnet thing. He only has three teeth but they are extremely pointy. Don’t look him in the dark soulless eyes or you will freeze to the spot for about one min. Its eyebrows are like long spears sticking out of his head. The only way to stun him long enough to kill him is to through shoes in his eyes. If you are to draw him his head would be two and five tenth inches. Same with his body too. His claws are three inches apart but his feet are four inches apart. Now you know all about my monster, Plump Face.

Bobby Joe

My monsters name is Bobby Joe . Bobby Joe is a very funny monster . His body is shaped like a baseball cap sideways . His outline color is maroon . His inside colors are rainbow . His black eyes are about a inch wide , also his nose is three fours of an inch wide . Bobby’s Joe’s tongue is scarlet red and is as long as long as a pencil eraser. even though my monster is funny sometimes, beware he can be a little grouchy.


“If you see Big Foot, (if he isn’t invisible that is) you might think ‘oh, that’s just a pile of leaves!’ but trust me, it’s not. Big Foot is a pile of leaves (like I said earlier) with eyes. He does not look scary but he can be. If Gig Foot touches anything of nature he can turn invisible. His body consists of, poison ivy, green and brown leaves all over him. He has grass for hair and his eyes are half of the black of the eye and the other half is the white of the eye. He has no mouth, nose, or no ears, but his hair can hear for him. If threatened, Big Foot will shoot poison ivy at the attacker, so if you see Big Foot in the forest, walk away slowly and don’t make sudden movements!”


Hello this is Tushu my monster he’s kind of got an odd look to him but he’s cool. First lets start at the top of him and work our way down. Tushu has a thick black head thats in a lop sided heart shape. Also on his head there is a little bit of sea foam green on a part of his head. Tushu has one medium sized eye that has a glare to it. The base of it is the color of a big juicy plum. It also has a faded white dot in the bottom of his eye. Also on his head there is a cactus like looking horn on his head. The horn is the color of a nice spring day sky. A light colored blue to put in other words. On Tushu’s neck there is a mini purple cloud that has points on the end of it instead of it being curved. Tushu’s an odd but loving monster so I thought he should have a heart. So I put a medium sized heart on the left side of his chest. There is also pink grid like lines on his chest and legs. Moving on down to his bottoms. After his chest and head comes his bottoms right. So there is a long grey strip going horizontally like human legs stuck together. Or as if you were sitting down and stretching. On the bottom of his grey strip there are three legs that look like up side down christmas trees. They are the color of light dirt or the color of dog food. The last part of Tushu is his feet. His feet look like horse hooves but looked like grid paper cut into a hove. But at night you can find Tushu at the tip of the moon. With his bed balancing as he sleeps. ZZZZZZzzzz

Big Eyes

Have you ever seen a monster that is short and fat with giant eyes. Well my monster Big Eyes is all three of those things. He is not very scary though. His eyes are giant, they are outlined with green. He has a giant head that is big and blue. His nose is bright yellow and looks like a side ways 6. He also has a weird yellow smile. It’s straight and curved at one side. He has a fat body and is not very tall. It’s got green and yellow zigzags on it. The hands are big and fat. They are bright orange. His feet look like a chicken’s. Altogether he looks short and fat with big eyes. If this description scares you then you should watch out on a dark night because he will be there.


Have you ever seen a monster? Well instead of seeing one I made one, She isn’t very scary. My monster name is Trigirl. Here is how I made my monster. She is mostly is made out of triangles. She has acute triangle arms. She has small square eyes. She also has a smile. her body is just a plain triangle. Her head is an upside down triangle. Her legs are acute triangles. She is purple. Her eyes are also purple. So thats how I made my monster.


My monster is named Rocky. Rocky is red like lava. He has a orange machine for a hand that can throw gigantic fireballs. Blue jewels around his hand and chest armor. His eyes are blue. He has big arms and legs. He can stand in lava with out death. When he goes to sleep he literally cools down.


I’m going to tell you about a monster name Pinky she’s a nice little monster. She has purple ears her ears are like cat ears and her tail is purple to her tail is like a dogs tail. Her eyes are a half she has pink pupils and black all around. And she has no nose she can’t smell and she has no finger and toe nails. She like a skinny ginger bread man and out line in black from head to toe. And be careful my monster has only two fangs if you get to close she will suck you blood.