ketchumMrs. Ketchum Grade 6


Half squid half eagle it has a beak also it has eight tenticals. It also has an eagle eye and circle nose. It is black and its outline is white. It has about five inch tenticals and an three inch beak and its head is about two and a half inches. The end of its tenticals are sharp and it has no hair or horns.


He has a blue open circle for a head, blue mouth that goes from the open space in the head with blue teeth and a red eye he has a snake body with a yellow line through the body that turns at his tail with red boxes in the lines and a black stinger at the end of his tail. His head is covered with orange fire. His body is like an s with a blue circle around his eye.

The Equal monster

He has a square head and rhombus arms. Next he has a triangle body, pink eyes, a pink nose and a green mouth. The final thing my monster has is blue fangs.


He has a snake like body. His body has alternating body sections that are blue and black. He has a club for a tail. The club is black with black spikes. He has green teeth. He has spikes running down his back. They also alternate black and blue. His head is blue.

Flaming thing

Flame beast is about 11’’ it has no shoes blue jeans with one hole on the right leg, blue shirt thats ripped, black wrist band on right hand, skin color is orange face is white, he has one eye color: red, type: cat eye, small sized nose, he has a goatee and a mustache buck teeth, two green dots on the top right corner and the lower left of its face, it has the ears of an elf, and has flaming hair


He has a head about 10 centimeters. He has a huge eyes that are black and about 2 centimeters. He has a really big body 10 centimeters wide and 10 1/2 tall. He has 4 arms. He has 2 legs. He has a green body. He has dark green spots all over his body.


His head is a red oval with a red horn one is pointing up the other is pointed down. Its eyes are a oval with half it hanging off its head. It has 4 pointed teeth. Its got gold pointy hair. The left arm is 3 inches long with to fingers. The top right are is 3 inches long with one finger. The bottom right arm is 2 inches with two fingers. Its shorts are 1 inch long and are green. Its left leg is wiggly and brown and its right leg is pink and is a blade shape. Its torso is maroon and his arms are gold. Its eye color is pink. Its chin color is black.

Lefl The Zalifroid

Lefl is a girl. She has a purple round head that is 4 inches wide with 6 curly long strands of hair. She has 1 eye with 4 freckles on each side and has a black wavy mouth. She has a short purple neck with a teal song sleeve shirt. From her shirt it fades into her pink skirt. Her body curves in 2 inches. She has 2 purple fingers on each hand. She has no shoes on. Her right leg is bigger then her left leg, being half a inch thick.


My monster has a snake like body with lime green spikes on the top of his back. He has zigzags on both sides of his back. The lines are orange and blue. He has a orange outline around his eye and his eye is blue. He has blue teeth he has six regular teeth and one saber tooth. His saber tooth is about 1 inch long he is about 10 inches long. His eye is about 1 inch long and he has a speared tail about an inch in a half.


he is a marshmallow. he has a brown hat with spikes in it. he has pointy yellow teeth. he has pointy and triangular nose and eye’s. he has stick arm’s and legs. on his left arm he has four fingers. on his right arm he five fingers and is holding a marshmallow poker. he has red and blue sneakers. his arms are about three inches long. his legs are about one inch long. he has a rectangular body and feet.

Math Monster

He has grey, five by seven centimeter head with three eyes and a big smile. A three by two centimeter grey neck. Ten by nine centimeter red body with pi on it. Four nine by two centimeter grey arms and two five by three centimeter grey legs.

Mr. Cha-Cha!

This little creature is small, has two green antennas with red balls on top,A pink head, one blue eye, and a big orange smile. Mr. Cha-Cha has four purple arms with little purple dots, and two purple legs. He also has a big stomach that is outlined in blue and colored in by a pinkish orange color.

Mr. Hi

My monster has black and green afro. He has a u shaped head two black eyes the left eye is bigger then the right. He’s got a pink nose and a orange mouth with two orange fangs too. The monster’s face is green. His body is a oval shape that says hi on it. His body color is maroon. He has two legs on pink and one green. he has no arms.


Mr.Purple is a monster how to make him:circle head,circle eye and four arms on his head and six on his body. He is a retired gym teacher. He has a red shirt an blue jeans and he is purple.


Mrs.Afro has a large black afro. She has 1 light blue eye. Her body, arms, and legs are pink with purple stripes. She has huge green hands and feet. She has black fangs and a red tongue. Her arms loop all over the place like curly fries.

Robo Joe

My monster has a rectangle head and has a square neck and a big square body with a heart in the middle of the body and the heart is red. He has two arms and has three fingers on each arm. On the side of the head he has two orange square ears. His eyes are red and he has a straight line for his mouth and thats red to. And he has legs that have socks that have a pattern that starts out with a white square then red line then white square on both legs he wheres those socks and he also has blue shoes.

The Three Eyed Striped Monster

This monster has three eyes that come up off his head, each one with three eyelashes on it. The monster has brown pigtails with red ponytails. She has a blue face with three green freckles on each side of the nose. It’s bright red smile has a set of black buck teeth. It’s arms are long, skinny, and not strait. Her body leans to the right a little, looking down at the picture. She has no feet, but a long squiggly thing that moves with his body.The body, arms, and the rest of the monster is purple and blue striped.

Slug faced bull

My monster has a black and round head. He has one horn that is going down and One horn that is going down and one that is going up they are curved like a bull. He has one eye that is angled in it is just a white line. He has 2 fangs on the outside of his mouth. And one on the bottom in the middle. His right eye is a red eyepatch. He is about 7 or 8 inches tall. He has a body like a slug it is also black. It is curved in on the way down and curved out on the way out it has 5 red spikes on its back that start just below his neck and end at his tail they get bigger as you go down.

Talking Pizza Face

My monster is a giant piece of pizza he has dark brown crust, he has super sharp teeth for biting, he has white eyes like a hawk always watching, he is built like an airplane without wings, he is bright yellow and about six inches tall and about three inches wide he is always lying down waiting for his next victim

The Flying Thing-a-ma-jig

The Flying Thing-a-ma-jig is a cross between a ghost and a zombie. It’s still a solid figure, but can disappear before your very eyes. It is very slow, so it uses its pitch black wings to get around most of the time. It also has horribly spiky horns on the top of his head and glowing red eyes that bore into your soul. It’s known to cause nightmares whenever it’s around.

Tie-Dye Sara

Tie-dye Sara's head is tie-dyed green,purple,and blue. Tie-dye sara has one blue eye, she smiles a-lot, and she has fangs...she also likes to make funny faces. She has two forest green arms, a deep blue body with six black diamonds on it. Tie-dye Sara also has six tentacle like legs, the colors of the legs are, purple,blue,pink, lime-green, and light purple. Tie-dye Sara is about eleven inches tall, her arms are about thirteen cementers long, her body is ten cementers wide. She also has six things on the top of her head. Tie-dye Sara also LOVES colors!!!!!

purple viper

He has four wiggle arms that have four fingers on each hand. He has four legs two that are big and two small they both come out of the thy the big ones come out of the upper thy and the little ones come out of the lower thy He has one eye,three fangs and a round head. He has a purple stomach thats oval


Mr.Huggles has a purple body and no arms. His mouth is 2/3 of a ruler long. He has a blue face. And a blue and black tie. He wears a purple and black graduation hat. He has pink stubs of hair.He has a very globy body. He is very lovable and very sensible

Squid Man

Squid man has a big black skinny hat, big blue claws and the end of his arms , a fat green body, long yellow fat tentacles, purple fat arms, one big black eye, a mouth with no teeth, and a red head, he has about 10 tentacles, and is about one foot tall.


How tow make Vectron. Begin with a brown rectangle head. On top will be a triangle for a hat. Eyes are evenly spaced apart about 1 centimeter from the top of the head, they are red. The nose is a circle in the center of the rectangle, it is also red. The mouth is red and an oval with two black fangs. The arms are again rectangles that are green. at the end of the rectangles are circles for hands and four trianlges come out of the circles as fingers. The fingers are orange. The body is another rectangle which is black and the legs are black rectangles the feet are 1/2 circles with the flat side on the bottom and they are orange.