traxonMrs. Traxson Grade 6


You should see my monster he’s named Phil and he’s awesome. He has a square face but no body. He’s got nice hair in the shape of a triangle and his hair is brown. Phil has boxes for his hands, legs, and feet there all red. He also has square windows for eyes, they’re blue. He has an orange door for his mouth. He should look like a house with arms, legs, and feet. That's the description of Phil the monster.

“Alien Steel Robot”

Everybody run its an alien robot! The robot has an arch-shaped head. There’s a little alien inside it. It has a pink eye with a little black dot in the middle. The chest is a purple rectangle. The arms and legs are sky blue little rectangles with little sky blue feet. Inside the head is purple fog. On the side of the head are little red horses. Watch out for the foot oh that doesn’t look good.

“Hot Head”

This monster lives up to his name! he has an oval shaped head. He has a flaming stomach. He has fire all over him. Flaming hair with a hint of orange fire comes out of his arms. He has straight arms but they curve at the end. Two square, red eyes. He is red, yellow and orange. He has fire out of his feed. Truly, he is one hot head!


Have you ever wanted to get your homework done? Well my robot can! First it has a potato head that’s brown. A tiny neck and big puffy pinky body. Has four eyes side by side in the potato like head. There are three swearmy arms on each side of the body. Has straight mouth in potato like head. Bubbles in body. Big purple feet with smooth rubber on the bottom of feet. That's my cool helper monster.

“Justin Beaver”

Justin Beaver is awesome. It’s kind of like a beaver. It’s got brown fur and a black tummy. His eyes are blue with a little black dot in its eye. The funniest thing about Justin Beaver is his tail. His tail is brown with little black squares. It has two arms and two legs. He only has one mouth with very big buck teeth. That’s the monster that was under my bed.

“Monster Project"

Oh my gosh there is a monster in my room. He has two eyes and two small feet. He has no hands. His skin is all bumpy. He has cat-like abilities to have nine lives and he can fly. His face has scars all over. His body and head is square. He is white and his outline is black. He is scary and you could get hurt. Just kidding! He is a very nice monster. He wont hurt you unless you make him made.

“Zip Zong”

His species is alien. His color is light blue, dark green, and orange. His has four arms and four legs. He has nine spikes on his head and ears. He has a square body that is gray with a lightning bolt. His mouth is yellow and the lightning bolt is yellow too. His name is Zip Zong.

“Monster Sally”

Guess what I woke up to this morning? There was a monster on my porch. The monsters name was Monster Sally. She is purple and orange all over. She has three green spikes on her sides, and two purple horns on the top of her head. She has dark and light brown hair. She kind of looks like Mike Wazowski on Monster Inc. She is half purple, half orange and has white socks with red stripes, purple shoes with purple laces. The right side of Sally’s body is orange. The right arm is orange and the left is purple. My left foot is smaller than my right; my right is a little bigger. That is the time I woke up to a monster on my front porch.


I have created life! The new life form has a big head that’s round. It just stood up. It has two cat ears with two small hoop earrings on the right ear and one little that has two small balls on each and on the left ear. It has a fat body with huge front paws and little back paws. The front and back paws have two horizontal lines. A scar is on his stomach. It has a sewed on heart that's red on the top right side. The left edge is red with a scar down it’s eye. The right eye is red with yellow around the cat’s pupil and a ‘x’ scar on the outside of the edge. Lines with little balls on the end of each eye, four for each eye there black. A collar that’s purple with a dog-tag that says ‘Scar.’ It has three whiskers on each cheek. It has orange squiggly circles. It has black fur and a dark nose and a cat mouth. A scar next to the right whiskers and a curly tail. I have named this new life form ‘Scarface.’ I hope to have another break through.

“Franken Kat”

Frankenstein had a cat named Franken Kat, and I am going to tell you how he looks. My cat is a seven-eyed cat, one eye is on his chest, three eyes on his head, one eye on each paw, and one eye on his tail. He is all green with light green fur on his ears. He has three ears, whiskers which are brown, and a kitty-like nose. He has dark blue balls coming out of his neck with a purple head band. My cat is sitting down. That is the description of my cat.

“The Stop Sign that Went Wrong”

First you draw a big triangle for the body that is red. Then you draw a small hexagon for the nose. Then you draw sunglasses with the lenses red and the eyes are a half circle on top of the sunglasses. Third you draw triangle shaped ears that are red. Then you draw for hair with a color of black. Draw lines going everywhere on top of the head. For a mouth you draw a straight line at the bottom of the hexagon for the mustache and draw two lines or four of hair going everywhere. For the legs draw two lines going sideways and after that draw at the bottom of those two lines two more lines going down and draw feet at the bottom. Do that on both sides. The final step write stop on the monster.

“Monster Project”

This is going to be so awesome, your going to draw a monster! To start add a medium sized circle with a flat top in the middle. Now put a square head on top of the circle. Better get ready for the arms. Draw two rectangles on the side of your head. Add a circle at the end under your circular body. Put some feet on your legs and color them red. Add some angry eyes on the head. Now add water coming out of the arm pits. Color your monster a light green. Add a circle in the middle of the body. Add two rectangles on opposite sides going up and then add two rectangles on the left and right. Congratulations you made a toilet.

“Baby Clown”

My monster is called Baby Clown. He has red curly hair and his head is u-shaped. His two eyes are yellow lines with a flower on the left and a start of the left. He has a white head with a purple smile face. He has a pink u-shaped stomach with a pink line on it with green on the left and gray on the right. He has one star on each side of his stomach and one in the middle. He has long arms that are dark blue with three fingers on each hand. He has u-shaped legs that are light blue and his shoes are dark purple.

“Monster Project”

I have created a funny monster. It has a purple round body. Green legs with little green feet at the bottom, long pink arms, red lips on the body. Brown rectangular eyes with blue pupils. Orange squiggly hair with yellow dots at the end of the hair. Blue, green, yellow, red and pink flowers in the hair. And a dark spot on its body. My monster is very funny and creative.

“Random Vicious Four-Faced Monster”a.k.a. R.V.F.M.

This is how to make the Random Vicious Four-Faced Monster. Here is what you do: first you need to make the body. Make the head an upside-down ‘u.’ then make the body a rectangle. Next make the feet like normal except you need to add sharp toenails. Now make the right arm fat with spikes and sharp fingers. After that make the left arm skinny with spikes and sharp fingers.
Next we make spikes on the head for good measure. Now lets add detail so lets go to the left leg. Make circle eyes and color one gray. Next make smiley mouth with sideways fangs. After that color the leg yellow.
Now lets move on to the right leg. First we make tow eyes that are circles and color them black. Second we make a strait smile with fangs going up. After that color the leg purple.
We are done with the legs so now lets go to the belly. First we make the eyes where they are circle and the pupils are small. Second make mad eyebrows that are red. Third make the mouth open with sharp fangs. Fourth color the body pink.
Now lets move to the arms. First color both arms gray. Second make spikes and color the spikes gray (both arms). Now lets end with the head. Make both eyes and make them looking right. Now make a face that is frowning. Third make fangs pointing down and color them brown. Go on top of the head and make spikes and color them light green. Last color the head light green. Now you know how to make a Random Vicious Four-Faced Monster.

“Red Guy”

It has an oval body, oval ears, and curly hair. Its eyes are circles with black pupils. There is a red gash on the right side of his face. The mouth is open with five rectangle teeth and two dots for a nose. There is red in the scary eyes. There is a scar beside the left ear and a scar on the chin. You can see his brain through a scar on his head. There is also a red spot between the eyes. The tips of the teeth are red. The skin color is peach.


Tri-Guy is the best! He’s basically a triangle. Stick legs. Stick arms, and color. He has a huge nose one -fourth the size of his body. He has a strait mouth with three brown buck teeth, and a furry goatee. He’s tan with a pony tail, and brown hair. He has real big pants. His pants are blue. He has glasses that are blue. He has pockets and a fly. I wish he was real.

“Monster Chad”

My monster is a devil-human-spider-angel-alien-cyclops. He has a blue necklace with red, blue, green, pink, and purple dots. He also has angel wings. His nickname is “Noxdesis.” His powers are fire breath, ice breath, acid breath, flying and transforming. He has four arms, two on each side. His legs are short. His hair and eyes are gray.

“Sister from the Sun”

Sister from the Sun is a superhero. He sprays paint of the bad guys. He is a five blue-eyed monster. He is black with tanned arms. He also is a yellow swirled monster. He is half purple on his head and he has no arms but he has two tails. One is brown and one is purple. He is very short but he is very strong.