stambaughMrs. Stambaugh Grade 6


Billy’s head is about the size of a baseball but just a little smaller. On top of his head is a tuff of hair that looks like a flower stem with leaves. The head is blue and the tuff of hair is light blue. Billy’s eyes are about a half inch apart and are the size of a marble and the pupils are the size of an air soft bebe and they look up. The eye and pupil are both green. Coming from his head are wings like angels but it has 5 humps and a line coming from each hump. The wings and humps and lines are all yellow. His hands are red and they come out like a normal arm but it has three spike sorta things. His legs are like chicken legs and they are also red. His mouth is smiling but it is squiggly and orange.


To make Bob you make a square head the size of a apple.Two square eyes grape size
with a line through the middle of them the eyes are close to the center of the head.A rectangle mouth close to the bottom with hooked triangle teeth. Then make three triangles on his head one on each end and one in the middle. Then give him an upside down triangle beard in the middle of his chin.Bob has no body and he’s blue with a white beard and his eyes are light blue and his teeth are bright white.The Triangles one his head are bright blue.


My monster’s name is Crystal. The head looks like an almost a half dollar just a little bigger. The body is an oval which is 2 half dollars. The ears are like a marble. The eyes are a penny It has a tail at the bottom.The tail is a half dollar and a marble. Crystal has a necklace with pearls on the neck. The pearls are white. It has no mouth. The ears are webbed. The flower is orange in the middle and blue on the pedals. It has 2 arms with webbed fingers almost to the shoulders. It has a flower almost to the ears. Crystal has 2 ears on the side of the head. It has 2 eyes almost the middle of the face. It has a light green for the body and dark green for the tail. Crystal has blue around the middle of the eyes. It has no noes.


Start by drawing a circular head then draw two antennas on the top of the head spaced out they are green with yellow circles on the top. Draw a circular body under the head. The arms are on the body as they would be on a human as our the legs. Draw two legs with feet then draw 3 toes on the feet the toes have a yellow circle where a toenails should be. All of this is pretty good size. Draw two arms with 5 fingers on the hands there are circles on the fingers that are yellow where the fingernails should be. He/She has one arm on each side of his/her body. Draw a circle on his body where his stomach should be and make a yellow circle. Back to his/her face. He/She has very large eyes that are yellow with a green slash through them sideways and they are like cats eyes. He/She has a rose over his/her right eye (our right). His/Her nose is pointy and like a sideways “v”. He/She has freckles and a flat mouth with 2 fangs. He/She is Green and everything else is yellow.

Dr. Awesome

Dr. Awesome is a pink baseball sized monster in the middle of the page. He has stubby arms on each side of his body and stubby legs on the bottom of his body. He has a pig nose in the middle of his face. He has one eye that never opens and his other eye is blue and blood shoot. He wears a black top hat on the top of his head right between his two antennas with little pink balls on the end of each. He wears a white diaper on his butt. He has pink balls for hands.

The Evil Easter Bunny

The Evil Easter Bunny has two red scars on his head one above the left eye and one above the right cheek. It has one tail on the right side of the body. The tail is blue that is shaped like a cloud. This creature has one big triangle shaped cape around he arms. The cape has blue and yellow stripes. The Evil Easter Bunny has a big large circle head that’s outlined with red. A small oval shaped purple mouth at the bottom lower part of the head. It has six teeth in the middle that are yellow It has three upper and three lower teeth This Evil Easter Bunny also has one big crown on her head that is orange and pink. Evil Bunny has two feet that look like tennis shoes that have blue laces. It has two arms that are outlined with red and three claws on each hand that are black. This Evil Easter Bunny is holding one basket with colorful eggs that is yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, blue. The evil easter bunny has two horn ears that are purple and blue. This evil easter bunny has long brown and yellow hair and two big round eyes that is purple and has green centers in the middle. It has a big yellow circle in the middle of the stomach.

Evil pumpkin ghost

He has a circle for a body the size of a apple. Use the color orange to draw the body. For his eyes use black grape size. The eyes have to be in the top right and corner. He has no legs but you put like a wave at the bottom or nothing. The wave has to be the color orange. he has a Top hat on the top of his head. It also has a thin going across stripe going through the middle of the top hat. The color has to be black or gray. He has stitching diagonally from his left eye to his to the bottom right. For his Face you draw a smile the size of a half penny. with teeth showing at the bottom of his smile his teeth need to be the size of a 2 cm. to make his arms make them frowns then for his fingers make the talons. There needs to be 3 fingers.

Evil Spark

This creature has 5 heads and 1 large head. Five small heads are coming out of the big head on spikes that are gray. It has two pointed ears with red on the inside and gray in the middle of the ear on the side of the big head. The 2 eyes are scary bright solid red circles with 1 little black dot in the middle of each eye. Evil’s nose is a medium yellow triangle in the middle of his face. His teeth are gray and mean looking. The mouth is yellow, scary and medium size.
His eyebrows are black, angry and slanted above his eyes. He has 1 body that is blue heart shaped with red polka-dots. He has 8 arms four on each side of the blue body. They are red and come out straight from his body. Has 6 legs 3 yellow on each side of the bottom of the body. Each leg has 2 yellow toes.


Finkleberry has a circle body that is green outlined. The body is white. It has 4 legs at the bottom of its body. The 2 middle legs are black and the 2 outer legs are green. Its arms are in the middle of its body they are black with red in the middle. Its goatee, mustache, and unibrow are brown. Its mouth is blue and has green sticking out the sides. Its mouth is at the bottom of its body. Its eyes have yellow outline with red in the right eye and black i the other eye. It has 4 spikes on the top of its body and it has black outline with red dots on the top they are filled with brown besides the far left one. Its wings are above its arms and they have blue outline and a black line in the middle. It also has stitches on the side of its face.


Fluffy is a green circle the size of a baseball. His hair is an inch long it lays over his face its orange and shaggy. He has dark pink eyes the size of the back of your pencil and a dark blue dot half the size of the whole eye an inch from the top of his head a u shaped nose in the middle of Fluffy and a u shaped mouth with seven white upside down triangles for teeth an inch from the bottom his body. His legs are four, brown inch long rectangles two on one side and two on the other side of the bottom of the circle.

Fuzz Ball

Fuzz Ball is an oval shape. Fuzz ball is brown. She has 3 short black hairs on the top of her head. She has a black C shaped nose in the middle of her face. She also has black circles for the eyes her eyes goes above her nose. Her smile is a little half circle smile and it goes a little under her nose. Her arms go in the middle of her body but on the sides. Fuzz ball has 3 fingers. Her arms are like sticks. On each hand. Her legs go under her. Her legs are long and black. She only has 3 toes. On each foot. Her legs are sticks too.

Huckleberry Fin

At the top of the page , in the middle there chimney that is made of bricks that goes half the way down the page. Then draw a rounded rectangle that overlaps at the bottom the chimney. Then for nostrils, at the bottom in the center of the rectangle draw two circles then draw black snot coming out of the nostrils. At the top of the page where the chimney is drawn, on each side draw eyes a big eye and a little eye. then go to the bottom of the page and make a pyramid to connect the rectangle the pyramid is made of bricks. I almost forgot rainbow mouth.


His name is Jack. He is green and looks like a dog. He is a golden retriever but no hair more like snake skin. He has six eyes at the top of the head and fire over them. He has a short tail at the end of his rear end. He also walks likes a dog. His head is about as long and wide as a little orange. He is skinny and has short teeth at the end of his mouth and to lines coming out of the top of its head. He has a smirk on his face he walks on all four of his feet. He looks like a cartoon ??


My monster is yellow, round and has two eyes that are about 3 millimeter’s apart and are the size of a pepperoni slice and has broken hearts inside his eyes which are pink. He also has a bow tie at the bottom of his body and his bow is green. He is frowning and his frown looks like a squiggly line and is black. He has antennas which are a dark pink about the size of a toothpick but they bend and has a blue ball at the end of the antenna and the balls are the size of peas that are at the side of his head. He has small yellow hairs at the top of his head in the middle of his head. He has arms the are as skinny as toothpicks and are 3 and a half inches long each and have long fingers 1 and a half centimeter long and has four fingers on each hand. Jim also has a wand and a small star at the end of his black wand and glitter coming out of the wand colors of blue, orange, pink, red, green, yellow. He has stubby little yellow legs?


My monster’s name is the Kritzer. He has a oval shaped body and brown going up and down. His head is a circle and is gray. His horns are gray with fire coming out of them. His arms and legs are arched and are brown His Hands are circles that are gray his claws are gray and there are four claws on each hand and foot. he has eight abs down the middle and they are red. He has four eyes at the top of his head and they are red

Mr. Bob

His name is Bob. Bob is shaped like an egg. He is yellow on the top half and he has a big smile where his white teeth are showing. He has brown shorts on the bottom with a red tie. His legs are red like the Huskers and his arms are blue, no hands. His feet point outward and have no toes. He has two eyes that look like half moons and are blue. Bob has a nose like a half triangle.


My monster is black. He has 3 heads about The size of a penny. It has 4 arms (rectangle) with crescent shaped claws. He has 4 muscly Legs. With sharp clawed feet. The heads have 3 alien eyes on top of them. His belly is circle shaped. His body is on fire.

Perry the Hairy monster

This is how to draw Perry the Hairy monster. He is rectangle shape and really hairy and can fly. He is brown and has wings that are red and he shoots flames. He is the size of a snicker bar and his legs are on the bottom of his body and his eyes are above his mouth.

Pudding Monster

His head needs to be a circle the size of a apple. His legs need to be the length and width of a clarinet reed. His arms need to be triangles the size of a quarter. His smile is the size of a short twig and shaped like a banana. his body is blue his arms and legs are black. His eyes are black dots his legs are on the bottom of his body his arms are on the sides of his body his eyebrow is at the top of his head and it is a squiggly blue and green line. His hair is black a the top of his lines there are ten short lines of hair.

Rob The Monster

Rob has rectangular legs they are placed at the center of the page . His skin is red,he has arms as if he was flexing them,his head is shaped rectangular and he has a hole for a mouth . He has large black claws like daggers and the same thing with his teeth . He has a mad expression and his eyes are rectangular and his eyes are colored red.his head is the size of a rectangle.


My monsters name is Scars it has a circle for its body it is the size of a dollar coin with orange lines for hair & yellow dots on the top of the orange lines. The body is light blue with a purple and black nose in the middle of the face. Scars eyes are red and black at the top of his face. The arms and fingers are green and come off the side of his body. He has four green fingers with one green dot at the end of each finger. Scars has four dark blue lines for legs at the bottom of his body. There is one brown dot at the end of each leg. There are six black scars on his face. One is between his nose and mouth, it has one horizontal line & four vertical lines. One is on each side of his mouth. The one on the left side four horizontal lines with one vertical line. The one on the right has one vertical and three horizontal lines. One is on the left side of the left eye it has one vertical line with three horizontal lines. There is one in between the eyes it has one vertical line with four horizontal lines.

Spike Ball

First draw a skull head in the middle of the paper. It has 3 lines at the bottom of the skull head and it has 2 dark eyes at about at the top of its head. Then draw a big circle for the stomach with spikes all around it. The outline of the body is blue but the middle is red. It has 2 arms at the middle of its body that are long and have pointy fingers. It has 2 legs at the bottom of its body and the right one has a foot but the left one doesn’t it a foot with pointy toes. The pants are red. The feet and arms are red.

Stress Monster!

My monster has a circle body,5 legs at the bottom of his body,1 arm on each side,4 big stress moles at the top of his head,he’s mad all the time,5 shoes that are on his feet. If you get him even more stressed out, he will eat you! If you touch his stress moles, he will burn you with his fire arms! If you poke him , he will make his wife sit on you! If you still poke him, he will turn you into a stress monster! His hare is green,his body is pink and red arms,2 yellow eyes,he also has a frown.Green hare on his stress moles.


First draw a rough bump for the head. Draw eyes on his face that point in two directions. Draw wide broad shoulders,big arms,and narrow waist and hands. Draw long legs. Draw big bare feet. Its body, his head, and his legs and arms, are green.


Her head is two inches across and one and a half up and down, it is a circle. Zoe-Zoe has two antennas at the top of her head that are one inch apart. At the top of her antennas she has a small circle each. Zoe-Zoe has two egg shaped eyes with two eyelashes on each. They salient up and out. In her eye she has a huge pupal that looks like a U in her eye. Then below her eye she has a thin blue ires and a thin white strip below that. She has a dot between the eyes but lower. Her cheeks have ten freckles each. She has a tiny line for her mouth, below her nose but a little to the right. Then her neck is straight in the middle down from the bottom of her head. Her neck is about one cm down. From her neck comes out her arms, they go a little up and out. The two lines meet to a circle, with no line crossing in the two lines. The other arm is just like that one. She has three round circles around her neck for a necklace and it is purple. Her body comes down into her legs and then her feet are like a boat with a flat side on the inside of her foot. Her color of her body is green and also her circles on the top of her antennas. Finally her 20 freckles are brown. That is how you make Zoe-Zoe the monster.