This wiki is a partnership between Obee Elementary, Buhler Grade School and Prosperity Elementary. Students will use Tux Paint to draw a monster; then they will write a descriptive paragraph about their monster. (Remember to give your monster an original name.) The paragraphs will be uploaded to the teacher's wiki page on the left hand side of the screen. Next, students will pick a monster description from their partnering classroom and try to draw a replica of the monster described. Then teachers will upload the original student drawings labeled with original names to their classroom drawing page (this page will not appear until the third week of the project.) After the drawings have been uploaded, students will find the drawing that matches the original description. Finally, they will compare the two drawings and evaluate the results using the drawing rubric. Classrooms will create graphs based on the evaluation of the rubrics and upload the graphs to the Math Connection page. Teachers may extend their mathematical comparisons if they choose to do so. This lesson is a cross curricula activity that includes descriptive writing, math, art, and technology.TimelineOct 1-14 Students will draw a monster using Tux Paint and write a descriptive paragraphOct 15 Teachers will upload all paragraphs to the wiki (this can be done before the 15th)Oct. 18-22 Students will read their partner's descriptive paragraph and try to draw the monsterOct. 25 Teachers will upload the original drawings that their students createdOct. 25-29 Students will compare and evaluate drawing; then create graphs based on their comparisons.Nov. 1 Classrooms will conduct a Skype session so students can meet their partner classrooms and discuss the project.Nov. 2-5 Teachers will include a brief written classroom reflection about the project.
My monster is really scary. He is called the Red Eyed Barbarian, because he has one big eye outlined in red with a black dot in the middle. Five black eyelashes protrude from his eye. This eye is circular and is about a half inch wide positioned in the middle of his forehead. My monster only has four colors, medium green for his body and legs, black for his eyelashes, center for his eye, and the outline of his mouth, and white for his two small teeth which are the size of a pea. His body is one big circle with six limbs attached, sticking out of his body like blades sticking out of a fan. He has spiked green hair sticking out of the top of his head. Hopefully he won't frighten you too much.